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How you can improve the relationship with your SaaS customers

Seos is a customer marketing automation product. It helps growing SaaS companies improve the relationship with their customers. A beautifully designed app packed with powerful features to help you decrease churn and increase LTV. This is a quick tour on how Seos works.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing a day-by-day list of important events

1 Connect with Stripe

The foundation for Seos is Stripe. After you connect your Stripe account, we import subscription- and other customer data to create useful insights about all your customers. Get instant insights who is subscribed or trialing, what their MRR is or how much they’ve spent in total.

Preview of the customers list showing their subscription status, current MRR and TCV

2 Automatically enrich customer data

Financial insights are useful, but it gets better. Seos uses publicly available data to automatically enrich your customers’ profiles. Get to know the customer behind the credit card. From their tagline to their website. Learn what they’re up to with every blog and tweet they publish.

Details preview of a customer, showing who they are, their social media profiles and financial data

3 Segment your customers

It’s now time to segment your customers. Group customers by one or many attributes. From their subscription status (“active” or “trialing”) to their MRR (“more than $99”) or their country (“from USA and UK only”). Seos gives you many options to really know where your customers are (both in their customer journey and geographically).

Preview of the segmentation options, showing segmentation by subscription start date

4 Send lifecycle emails

All these datapoints can be used to send emails to your customers. Using the powerful trigger-based automation feature, you can send emails when certain events happen: when they subscribe for example. Or when they have been a customer for a year (or three!), but also when they have spent a certain amount of money with you. Depending on the needs of your company, you can send a fitting message. Set up manual by you, send automatic by Seos.

Preview of the automation and messages create pages

These are just some of the major features. Seos is packed with many other features wrapped in a beautiful and minimal UI. If you are using Stripe for your SaaS, Seos is an indispensable product to improve customer hapiness, increase retention and decrease churn, without the bloated (developer) overhead many other tools add.

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