CRM for Stripe

Enrich Stripe with insightful customer data

Seos is a CRM for Stripe. A CRM where the “C” actual stands for “Customer” and not “Lead” as is the case with most CRM's. Want to learn more about who your customers are? You can with Seos CRM.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing a list of customers for a account

Getting started with just one click of a button

One: connect your Stripe account. Two: see the magic unfold. No set up and no developers needed. Easy to get started and easy to customise too.

Enrich your Stripe data

You love Stripe for your SaaS business. You see new email addresses appear, but that doesn't tell you much.

Seos adds some magic and enriches your customer data[1] to give you much more insights into who your customers are. Their website, their blog and their social profiles. This along with all their subscription data is super valuable to get to know your customer. From the first to the 1000th.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing the enhanced data for Buffer

Segment your customers

Organise your customers however you need. Want to see trialing customers? No problem. Customers with a TCV of $5000 and up? You sure can. Need to see who subscribed in Q1 of 2021? Easy enough!

The powerful segmentation feature in Seos CRM allows you to group your customers in just seconds. All automatically updated.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing the enhanced data for Buffer

[1] Seos only uses publicly available data. Results are not guaranteed.

Want to get to know your customers better?

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