Customer segmentation based on your Stripe data

Really easy to set up,
really high ROI

When your customers base grows, it gets tricky to get a clear idea on who is who. Which customers are with you for over 12 months? Or who has spent more than $7,500 with you? Questions that are easily answered with segments. And to make it even better: segments can be used for automations too.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing a list of customers with the segments on the side

Know who is who. With just a few clicks.

Segments in Seos help you with answering important questions about your customers. Like: which customers are from Germany? Or who asked for refunds? Who has a MRR of more than $299? You could export your data from Stripe and create a beautiful spreadsheet for it, but you know that it doesn't have to be like that.

With Seos you simply connect your Stripe account, create the segments you need and have insightful data. With just a few clicks.

preview of the segment creation form

Use segments in automations

Segments are not just to drool over. You can also use them as a trigger in automations. So when a customer enters a segment the associated action runs.

Example: when their subscription started more 12 months ago and their TCV is more than $550, send them a box of “stroopwafels”.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing setting up a new automation

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