No-code: send lifecycle emails based on your Stripe data

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Get to know your customers

When you use Stripe, it doesn’t give you a lot of insights about your customer, nor does it allow you to easily dive deeper into who your customers are.

Seos enriches the data, using public sources, and collects all payment-data in a clean and easy to use dashboard, where you can easily see who is who and how much they spent.

Automation- and segmentation tools

All the new data Seos gives you is super useful to learn more about your customers. But it won’t help you much, if you don’t do more with it. That’s why Seos comes with segmentation and automation tools

Segmentation is a way to group customers together based on one or multiple attributes. For example: customers who made their last purchase 90 days ago. Or: customers from the US that made one purchase. Seos has many attributes you can choose from. Segments are automatically updated based on new customer data.

Automations will do something if something happened. For example: if a customer from UK purchased something for the fifth time, send them this email. Or if a person from Germany spends over €500, send them this email with a little gift.

Automations are super easy to set up and a powerful way to improve the relationship with your customers without taking all of your time.

Send lifecycle emails based on your Stripe data

Lifecycle messages are for (paying) customers to guide, engage and move them forward in their journey with your product. So from a welcome email when they buy something from you, to a reminder when their last purchase was more than 90 days ago, but also a congratulatory email after their 5th purchase.

The (enriched) customer data from Stripe combined with the segmentation- and automations tool, lets you bend Seos almost to your will. No other tools needed.

Seos gives you the opportunity to more easily build the relationship you have with your customer. Because it’s 50% easier to sell to existing customers than to brand new prospects. By staying in touch with them, asking them questions and learning from them. No developers needed—just a few clicks.

The no-code tool to improve your customer relationship

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