Lifecycle messaging for your growing SaaS company

Automatic, but genuine.

Lifecycle messages help in nurturing your customers. From simple one-off welcome emails to celebrating they have been a customer for two (or five!) years.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing a list of messages and a preview of one of the messages in a email client

Any message for any occasion

No matter the event, you can send a message. Want to welcome a new customer or send specific emails based on their subscription? You can do that. And based on your customer segmentation, you can send different messages to those too. Really powerful.

Add little delights by referencing custom values per customer, like the day they subscribed or when their trial started.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing where a new message is written

Set up manual, send automatic

At the heart of the lifecycle messaging is a powerful trigger-based automation feature. Pick from various triggers, including new customer or charge amount. Seos monitors your data continously for these triggers and fires the action for it.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing setting up a new automation

Set up lifecycle messages with just a few clicks.

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