Seos is for… Solo Founders

You are the developer, the designer and the marketer in one. You are a solo founder! Wearing so many hats is really fulfilling, but you also know really well that your time is limited. So you can’t do or build everything yourself.

You know your first 30 or customers all by name, but now that you are growing it gets harder. You want to increase retention ánd want to keep that personal- and human-touch, that makes your solo venture so interesting for yourself, but also for your customers. Many have shown their appreciation for the human and honest support and how they don’t feel like a number. That’s a big reason they use your product (and well, it rocks!).

You want to retain that personal touch, but at the same you know, as you are growing, that you need help with it. You don’t want to spend a tonne of time setting up various tools or even connecting multiple tools together. You love Stripe, so it should work with that.

Get instant insights into your customers, create segments, be notified about important events and send lifecycle emails.

Seos is the perfect fit for Solo Founders. After connecting with Stripe, you get instant insights who your customers are, what they’re up to and where they are in their journey with your product. You can create segments based on various attributes to drill down to specifics about your customers. The calendar with important events around your customers make sure you know what’s happening with them and make it easy for you to get to action. But you’re also really happy with all the automations you’ve set up. It means that for certain events or where a customer is in their journey, you reach out to them. Yes, automatic, but genuine.

You delight your customers, increase retention, decrease churn, while having more time for other parts of your business and, let’s not forget, spend time outside of your business. 🏖

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