Seos is for… Saas Marketer

You are the person doing all the marketing for your SaaS company. From writing blog articles, writing spicy tweets to searching images to go with it and setting up all transactional emails. You are a jack of all trades, but your time has been increasing limited.

You want to improve the relationhip you have with your customers. Make them feel more valued—more than a “hey there!”.

You want to automate some stuff, but keep that personal touch were possible. Increase retention and reduce churn.

Seos is the tool for the SaaS marketer. it gives you direct insights into who your customers are. What do they blog about? And what spicy tweets do they publish. You want to interact with, maybe a segment, of them. Give a subtle hint you read what they wrote and are interested in them too.

You also love to automate some of the things. Maybe remind them when their trial is almost up or send a celebratory gif when their subscription anniversary is next week. All with subtle personalisation, and without being creepy.

With the automations set up, you can be sure the most important things are taken care of for you. At the next quartly meeting you can proudly show the improved numbers around retention and churn. 🙌

Want to improve the relationship with your SaaS customers?

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