Events calendar

Know what's up with your customers

You publish articles, create product updates and blast newsletters in your customers inboxes. But do you know what your customers write about? What articles do they publish? What do they tweet? With Seos you get a daily stream of every important event for every customer.

preview of the events calendar in Seos, showing events for the month March

A daily view of all important events

In Seos you get a day-by-day stream of all important events for each one of your customers. What they blog and tweet about, but also important events related to your business. For example: when their trial ends or when their subscription anniversary is. All seemingly small events, but keeping track and acting upon them, have a big positive impact on your customers' happiness.

preview of the segment creation form

Get to action

Each event can be acted upon. When you open an event, you get different options depending on the type of the event. Is their trial ending soon? Send them an email. Did they tweet something witty? See and reply to their tweet. Have you set up an automation? You can see the automated actions right here too.

preview of the Seos dashboard showing setting up a new automation

Customise to fit your needs

Not every SaaS has the same needs. So with Seos you control which events you want to see. Don't want to see any tweet at all? No problem. Not interested in blog articles? Simply disable it. You can still see the individual feeds per customer on their profile, if you are ever curious.

preview of the segment creation form

Want to know what your customers are up to too?

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