Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions for segments. If your question isn’t answered, contact support.

Are there are any limits to segments?

You can create a total of 25 segments. Need more? It’s easy to delete a segment.

What does “dynamic” label mean?

Some segments, when you hover their name, show a “dynamic” label. This tells you that segment uses a dynamic date range, like “today” or “30 days ago”.

Where does the country data come from?

Credit cards are issued in a country. This data is then attached to the respective customer.

Are segment automatically updated?

Yes, customers are automatically added to each segment that match their criteria.

I cannot create segment

Creating a segment is a paid feature. You need an active subscription.

I cannot remove a segment. There’s no delete option.

When a segment is a trigger in an automation, you cannot delete it. First delete the automation, before you delete the segment.