Add your first segment

After you connected your Stripe account, you’ll find all your customers and their (enhanced) details on customers. Depending on how long you have been in business, this could be an extensive list.

This is where segments come in handy. They allow you to group customers based on various attributes, like their subscription start date, subscription status or their total charges. Just imagine how powerful this can be!

Create your first segment

Go to customers. This screen is divided in two sections: your available segments and your customers lists.

You can see there are three default segments already created for you. These are special segments to show you customers who subscribed “Today”, “Yesterday” or “This month”. Click one to see the customers for that segment (might be none for some segments!).

Now at the bottom of your segments is a button: New segment. After you click the segments list will be repaced with a view where you can create a new segment.

preview of new segment creation form

When you toggle an option it shows various different fields. Try a few. Some fields toggle other fields (eg. a “between” options, will show you fields for a minimum and maximum value). When you deselect an option it resets the fields.

Keep it simple for now with just one attribute. When done, click Save. Your new segment is now shown in the list. If you select it, it will show you all the customers within that segment.