Create your first automation

Automations, a versatile and powerful feature, that do something if something else happened. Example: if a new customer subscribes, then add them to an onboarding sequence.

From your dashboard, go to Settings > Automations. Here in the top-right corner, click Add new automation (you need an active subscription to do this).

preview of new automation creation form

The next screen shows you three fields for:

  1. Automation name. This is a name to make the automation easier to find. It’s only visible to you.
  2. Trigger. Some triggers need some additional data, like Charge amount. Example: Charge amount - Greater than - 49, this trigger will watch for charges with an amount that are more than 49.
  3. Action. If above trigger is true, what should happen. Here you can select an action, eg. Send email. Select this and it will show you another select field where you can select the message that will be send to your customer when the trigger matches.

Now click Save. Your automation is not enabled by default, you need to manually “flip the switch”. You can do that on Settings > Automations.