Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions for messages. If your question isn’t answered, contact support.

Even though this is not required by law for transactional emails (like the ones you send with Seos), it’s still good practice to give your customers the option to unsubscribe from your messages.

Don’t worry, if you forget to add one, it will automatically be added for you at the end of the email.

What’s the from-address?

All emails are send from your own custom email address, eg. “notifications@<some string>”. You can change the name that is shown, as well as the reply-to address.

Can I use my own domain or email?

This is not yet supported. But it’s on our roadmap. Want to tell us about your requirements?

Do you send HTML or text emails?

Emails are send as HTML with a minimal layout.

Which email address do you use for each customer?

When you connect with Stripe, we import your customer data into your Seos dashboard—also their email. The email used is visible in their profile.