Customise with liquid

You can use the template language liquid to add custom content for every customer. This makes emails feel more personal and less automated.

When you start typing {{ a list of suggestions comes up. Scroll the list by using the up and down arrow keys. Use tab or enter to add to your text.

Available variables are:

{{ their_name }} The name of the customer. Be aware that, if none is provided via Stripe, the name is retrieved from publicly available data.

{{ subscribed_day }} The day they started their subscription, eg. Wednesday

{{ subscribed_date }} The date they subscribed, eg. 01/01/2021

{{ days_subscribed }} Number of days they are subscribed, eg. 30

{{ weeks_subscribed }} Number of weeks they are subscribed, eg. 8

{{ months_subscribed }} Number of months they are subscribed, eg. 3

{{ years_subscribed }} Number of years they are subscribed, eg. 2

{{ position }} The position of the customer within your product. Seos calculates this based on the subscription date, eg. customer #1 or #99.

{{ unsubscribe_url }} Every email needs to have an unsubscribe url. Even though this is not required by law for transactional emails (the ones you send with Seos), it’s still good practice to give your customers the option to unsubscribe from your messages.

Tip: Do not try to hide that emails are automated. There’s nothing wrong with automated emails as long they provide value to your customer.

Use liquid tags as conditionals

This is where things get real smart. You can use liquid tags as conditionals too. This means you can check if they match a certain value and if they do, show something or not.

An example will make this clear. Let’s say Opentech is a customer for more than two years. We wrote the following message:

Hello there!

{% if years_subscribed > 2 %}
  You have been a customer for over two years! 🎉
{% endif %}

This was our message.

This would than be sent to Opentech as:

Hello there!

You have been a customer for over two years! 🎉

This was our message.

But when sent to Bioplex, who has been a customer for only 6 months, they will see this:

Hello there!

This was our message.

You can get as fancy as you need per message. You can mix and match liquid variables as needed.

Note: Need help setting up your messages, or unsure how something works? Contact support.