Customise the view and order

Seos is designed to be a minimal, but easy-to-use interface. But that doesn’t mean you cannot customise some of its features to fit your needs even better.

You can change the order, on Customers, by clicking on Order. This will show a dropdown with multiple options. After you click any option, the order will change. Want to set the default order option? Hover on the left of the option, a grey dot appears. Click it to set this order option as the default. You can confirm this, by checking for a blue dot on the left of the order option.

showing the dropdown to change the customer order

You can also change which columns are visible. Click on any of the options at the top of your customers list, where it says Status, Subscribed and Current MRR. You can deselect Status and choose which attribute you want to set for the other two columns.

Note: that changing the last two columns, also changes which order options are available.