These are the most common questions for customers. If your question isn’t answered, contact support.

How is MRR calculated?

From each of your customers we fetch all of their subscriptions. Some SaaS’ allow customers to have multiple subscriptions, we take these into account and tally them.

For yearly subscriptions, the amount (of one or many subscriptions) is divided by twelve.

How is ARR calculated?

In Seos ARR is calculated as “Annualised Recurring Revenue”. This essentially means that the MRR for a customer is multiplied by 12. It’s important to understant the distinction between Annualised and Annual Recurring Revenue. The former is a guess and the latter is when you actually charge annually.

What does TCV mean?

TCV stands for Total Contract Value. It’s the total amount a customer has spent with you up until that point.

Refunds are subtracted from this amount.

I believe some enrichment is off or wrong?

If you think some of the automated enrichment is off or wrong, please reach out to support. With your request, do provide the customer ID. It’s the string of letters and numbers in the url when viewing a customer profile.

Can I add free users?

If you add your free users in your Stripe account, than: yes!