Available triggers

Automations in Seos are based off of triggers. They check things, that you define once, constantly in the background. If there is match, than they proceed with the action associated with the automation.

There are various triggers available for you:

The first two simply check for a new customer or subscription. So when this automation is running, it constantly checks if there’s a new customer or subscription added. Based on your business, a new subscription also means a new customer, but this isn’t always the case.

Charge- and subscription amount let you check the amount. This uses an “operator”. This allows you to set a variety of options. Examples: “more than 49” or “less than 99” or “exactly 99”. You might use these to send different emails based on these amounts.

You can also use the segments you create as a trigger. When you set up such an automation, it will monitor customers who enter a segment, and if so, continue with the action added to the automation.

Any customers that were already in the segment when the automation is created won’t match.