Founder Stories 22 Sep 2021


Seos is moving into a new direction. Focussing on one extracted feature: embeddable widgets. A true no-code tool. Bye Seos. Hello Helptail.

In the past few months, while running and growing Seos, I’ve talked to quite a few business owners. From bigger companies to smaller (but mighty) SaaS products. And while Seos does have minimal momentum, it did not always “click”. And while the aim for improving customer relationships is still sound, the solution, with Seos, as it currently stands, isn’t.

That’s why from today, Seos will go in hibernation mode and we shift our focus to Helptail.

What’s Helptail? A no-code tool to collect feedback, ask questions, send surveys and send in-app/site broadcasts to your users and site’s visitors. All with just one JS snippet. This idea sprung from my talks with the business owners for Seos. At first I played with adding this as a feature to Seos, but as I talked it over with more people, it was clear it would work better as a standalone product. This way it has a narrower scope (easier to market), while still having the option to scale horizontally.

Current customers will still be able to use Seos as-is. All customers have received an email prior to this announcement with all the details. Only if the last customer churns, will Seos be shut down. Furthermore: they all receive full access to Helptail for a full year for free.

For now: I’d like to say that I’m really excited about Helptail. It is a true no-code tool ánd true to my focus on improving customer relationships. If you want to see what it’s all about, check it out here.

—Eelco, founder Seos Helptail


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