Product Update 16 Aug 2021

Email sequences are here

After a short beta period (almost all new features in Seos are beta tested first), email sequences are available to everyone! What are email sequences, why did they get added as a new feature and why you'll love it.

Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash

Email sequences are not new. They’ve been around for many years. But combined with the power of Seos’ automation, it makes them a super powerful new tool in your customer relationship building process.

What are email sequences?

Email sequences are multiple emails sent in a certain, predefined timeframe. Let’s take the classic SaaS onboarding sequence: the first email that welcomes them to your product is sent right away, then a second email is sent two days later with an informative article from your blog and then 5 days after they became a customer, an email with a tip for using the product is sent.

The Sequences in Seos are versatile, so you decide on how many messages you send and when.

Why you’ll love using them

The beauty of email sequences is that they help you provide more value to your customer without the tedious manual work. Based on the journey a customer might take, you can create different sequences. For example: you might send a different sequence at a certain MRR or maybe you want something different for different countries? It’s easy to set up with Seos’ Automation, Segments ánd Sequences.

preview of an automation setup selecting a sequence

You can use the same liquid templating you already use for your one-off emails.

You craft the multiple emails once and Seos makes sure it is send at the right time.

How to set them up

You can find the new sequences page on your dashboard under Settings. From there you can create a new new sequence (just like with one-off messages and automations). The editor you are already familiar with is shown (and you can use the same liquid tags you love!), but below the message you’ll see the option to set the time (in hours, days, weeks or months) when the message needs to be sent and an option to add another message to the sequence. When you select this, it’ll create a new message editor below it.

preview of creating a sequence

You can add up to 10 emails per sequence, but as always, keep it simple for starters and iterate as you go.

Create more value for your customers using email sequences today.

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