Who we are

A Remote, Calm and Customer-Funded SaaS

(and we're async too)

We are Remote

We work from wherever we are. From Wellington to Prague via Singapore. And Amsterdam to Mexico City via New York. Experiencing the world gives us inspiration for Seos. To add new features, to improve the experience and to help our customers in a better way.

We are Calm

Unless there's a bug that impacts a huge number of customers, we ship features and improvements at a calm pace. We don't have ridiculous monthly sales targets. We don't need to grow in the double digits MoM. Just slow and steady. That's how you grow a business with fun and without stress.

We are Customer-Funded

We are funded by our customers. No investors to please, but focussing on a product that truly helps our customers. No board to please with record-breaking numbers, but building and improving features that help grow our customers' companies.

And We are Async

Async. Short for Asynchronous. That's how we work. No constant stream of distracting direct messages or “available” badges, but work when you work best.

Want to get in touch? Have question on how we work? Like to know more about improving your customers' happiness? There are multiple ways to reach out.